Why do people choose the Dominican Republic?

 What is the advantage of the Dominican Republic? What is Dominicana more attractive for immigration than other countries? Let's try to clarify...

  • For someone, life on the Caribs is DREAMS !! You can live on the Caribbean island in a country of constant summer, crazy dances, and rum.
  • You will get acquainted with another culture and gain a free life.
  • What is the "traffic jams" in 1-2 hours, what is a terrible ecology and almost universal oncology, what is everyday rudeness? This country allows you to forget all this as a terrible dream.
  • Real estate is always an excellent rear. The presence of a Passport or Dominican Residence is an opportunity not to depend on the oddities of the home state. For some, it is an opportunity to avoid participation in a war ... or any conflict.
  • The laws of the Dominican Republic allow all foreign citizens to come, buy real estate on their personal passport, create a company (legal entity) without restrictions.
  • Investing in Real Estate Properties in the Dominican Republic is an investment in your future, in the future of your children. The country is developing very rapidly. Offers worthy education, interesting contacts, and opportunities.
  • Affordable and adequate cost of land and housing is very appealing to investors.
  • Looking for a corner for a happy life, the Dominican Republic is a great choice. Here live kind, sympathetic people, from all over the world.

Maybe someone will take the next point not seriously, but ... Here there are large reserves of blue amber. They protect the inhabitants from a large amount of negative energy, which, to date, has eclipsed the world.

Every year, whales sail to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic during the mating season. They feel safe here ... do not worry about their children.

Investing in the Dominican Republic - it is a investing in a healthy and sunny future for your children!

Risks when buying objects in the DR

When buying any property in any country there are certain risks. Our company very carefully selects objects, our lawyer very carefully checks the documents of the seller. We guarantee the cleanliness and security of the transaction. For all time of work, we have never issued a black sale. All our customers are happy.

We are ready to warn you against the main risks if you decide to buy the property from the seller personally (the most dangerous option).

The main risks when buying property in the Dominican Republic include the following:

  • Legal risks

Due to the fact that the country has its own laws and rules for the purchase of real estate. The country has a state language (Spanish), all documents are issued ONLY in the state language. By signing a purchase contract without knowing the language of the Dominican Republic, you cannot be guaranteed to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences. Our mission is to fully control and guarantee the purity of the transaction and transparency for you.

  • Risks Financial

Are connected with registration and signing of the contract of purchase at a stage of construction or signing of the contract on construction. You need to understand that neither a strong company is insured against bankruptcy (this can be pre-insured in the insurance company). And there is also a risk in violating the terms of construction, the quality of the agreement and the increase in costs associated with the constant rise in the price of building materials in the Dominican Republic (in fact, nothing new - these risks are the norm for many countries and other countries). We cooperate only with experienced construction companies.